Attending a new church can be a daunting experience. Trying to get plugged in can be even harder. That’s why every month we host ROOTS, a monthly lunch to help you learn more about Redemption Flagstaff and what it would look like for you to call our community home. We see this lunch as an incredible opportunity for both you and our staff at Redemption Church. Here’s a few reasons to attend:

  1. We realize people have questions: practical, theological, missiological, ecclesiological, and all sorts of other ‘logicals’. This is the perfect space to ask those questions and get the answers you are looking for.
  2. We want to know our people.  As shepherds we feel the responsibility of relationship beyond knowing if you show up on Sundays, what ministry you serve in and what small group you belong to.  We want you to know us beyond these programs as well.
  3. If you’re looking, we want to help you find you a great fit in a ministry or small group.  After sharing a meal, learning more about each other, and starting a friendship that will continue forward we feel far more capable of doing just that.
  4. We want to spend time discussing some of the themes in the Bible that will help you thrive at Redemption Flagstaff.

If not for anything else, you get a free lunch and probably some good laughs as we always enjoy our time together. If you’d like to attend this months lunch click HERE and sign up! Hope to see many of you there!