Hi Redemption Flagstaff,

Discipleship is a primary goal of our congregation. We want to see people become more like Jesus–both those that love him now and those that do not yet love him. While we believe this happens in every single context of life, mentorship is also a helpful component of this process. By mentorship we mean the meeting in one-on-one or small group situations in which one person primarily leads the others in spiritual formation.

Today, we took another step towards seeking these relationships for everyone at Redemption Flagstaff by having our 2nd ever Find-A-Mentor Sunday. If you weren’t able to attend or you just didn’t get the chance to connect with a potential mentor, or you just got nervous but now want to pursue one of these life-changing relationships let us know.

Simply fill out this form and we’ll get you connected. It’s that simple and that important in your journey with God: CLICK HERE

Also, as we seek to get better at discipleship we want to resource and care for those in mentorship relationships in our church. To help us towards that end we need to know what mentorship relationships are in place that we might check in and help out as is possible. If you are currently involved in any kind of mentorship relationship let us know. Send your name, your mentor/mentee, and the month and year you started meeting to anthonygee@redemptionaz.com.