I grew up in the south in a small town just outside New Orleans, LA. It seemed everyone I knew went to church except for my family so God and Christianity didn’t play any real role in my youth. It took a move in high school to California where almost no one I knew did the “church thing”, to finally see God for who he is.

While studying at San Diego State University for my undergrad, God captured my heart and my life. It did not take long for me to desire a future marked by vocational ministry. After a few years serving predominantly overseas with the Jesus Film Project I felt God pulling me home and into the pastorate. I’ve been serving in that role through Redemption Church since 2009 and as Lead Pastor of Redemption Flagstaff since 2012.

As the lead pastor I oversee our elder and staff teams and the ministries they run, craft and implement our vision and do a majority of the preaching on Sundays. I married my wife Verity in December of 2010 and now we’ve got two amazing boys we call our own. I love them more than anything. I love the church and am daily thankful to be a part of moving her closer to Christ. I love the mission we have been entrusted with. And I love this amazing city we get to call home, Flagstaff, Arizona