I am the director of R/KIDS and a ministry support administrator at Redemption Flagstaff. This
means that on a week to week basis, you will see me greeting our children and families,
welcoming new families to the church, serving in our kids’ classrooms and working closely with
volunteers. Relationships with our volunteers and families are the center of our ministry, so I try
to grow and engage with those as much as possible. Throughout the week, I work on lessons,
activities and enhancing our growing kids’ ministry so that it can be as engaging and gospel
centered as possible. I also support our ministries in various ways by attending events, helping
registration and filling in the gaps where they are needed. I love my role because it allows me to
jump around between all our ministries and engage with our church and city.
I grew up in Tucson, Arizona and never went to church as a kid. It wasn’t until my sophomore
year in high school when my friend invited me to go to church with her that I started to learn
about the church and building any form of faith. Then, my senior year of high school God
opened my heart to what He had to offer, and I began to follow Him on my own. I have been
building my relationship with Jesus and my faith ever since.
I moved to Flagstaff in August of 2015 when I began attending NAU. Since then, I have
graduated with a degree in Social Work, started work with Redemption, continued to build
relationships and learned to call Flagstaff home. I love our little mountain town and can’t wait to
see what the Lord has for me here!