I am the Sunday Coordinator at Redemption Flagstaff. This means that on
Sundays, you will find me overseeing each of our incredible volunteers and
assisting the other members of our staff in the set-up of our church.
Throughout the week I work on tasks to support our congregation which
includes, scheduling our church announcements, planning Sunday morning
events, depositing our weekly giving and supervising our interns.
I grew up in Peoria, Arizona and first started to learn about Jesus in high
school. My basketball coach and teammates really helped me see what living
a gospel centered life looked like. I began to regularly attend church with my
teammates/friends and truly began to develop a relationship with Jesus after
a year of going. I am thankful for the people God put in my life throughout
high school, as they helped open my eyes to what it means to follow Jesus
and listen to his commands.
I moved up to Flagstaff five years ago to attend Northern Arizona University.
Since moving to Flagstaff, I have graduated and received my bachelor’s
degree in Business Management. During college I interned for Redemption
for two years and then was asked to take over as our Sunday Coordinator.
I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn more about what it means to
follow Jesus by serving the church and being a part of His people.