God’s Covenant with Noah

January 15, 2016  |  Vince Garvey

This past Sunday, Vince opened our Advent series entitled “Covenant Christmas”. Each Sunday in the month of December, we are going to go through one of God’s covenants with his people.  The first Covenant was God’s Covenant with Noah.

Our audio was not really working this past Sunday. So we wanted to provide a blog with some helpful links in case you wanted to know more about the covenant with Noah.

The first link is a video that does a great job summarizing the first 11 chapters of Genesis for us, it touches on a lot of the main theme’s of Noah’s story.


The next link is a link to a class taught at the Village Church on God’s Covenant with Noah.


Both are great ways to dive deeper into what Vince talked about this past Sunday.  We are looking forward to spending some time in the OT covenants with you.  It’s a great way for us to see that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. As Vince said Sunday, the OT shows large billboards of the eventual Advent of Christ.  Let’s use our learning minds to celebrate the arrival of Jesus together!