Spotlight into Foster Care & Adoption

November 10, 2016  |  Andie Szyman

This month we are launching the Flagstaff Foster Care & Adoption Telegraph! Our hope is for this to be a space for those who want to learn more about the Foster Care and Adoption in Coconino County. Monthly, we’d like to provide you with resources that will be a helpful guide in the process, answer questions you have as you walk down this road and continue to involve our community supporting child and families in crisis.

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Here is message from a Morgan, she attends Redemption Flagstaff and is studying Social Work at NAU. She shares a little about how she’s gotten involved with Redemption’s Foster Care and Adoption Team!


Hello, my name is Morgan Middendorf and I am currently a student at NAU who is majoring in Social Work. I have always been very passionate about foster care and adoption, and I knew it was not only the field I wanted to work in but, also something that I wanted to do in my personal life as well. One particular Sunday, I heard about Az1.27 during church and immediately thought, “Oh, I am just a student there is nothing I can do because I cannot foster kids right now.”


Yet, I decided to check out the orientation anyways. At the Az 1.27 Orientation, there was a lot of information for those that are thinking of or are readying to begin the process of foster care or adoption. There were also other ways that I hadn’t known were important and accessible to support families that are crisis and the foster and adoptive families walking alongside of them.  I came to realize that just because I am a student does not mean I have to take a step back from what this ministry is doing. The ways that we, as students, can help and get involved is by possibly being part of the wraparound teams or joining a prayer team. A wrap around team is a system of support for families going through this process of fostering and adopting, which includes many different roles one might not even think of.

Something I am currently working on is getting CPR certified and I am soon going to take behavioral classes so that I can babysit when needed. For anyone that is curious about Az 1.27, I encourage you to go to the next orientation and see how you can help support these families on this journey because no matter where you are in life, God can use you.