About Counseling at Redemption

We believe in the health and wholeness of all people and the relationships they are in. Counseling is one way God meets us and draws us towards living more complete, purposeful and healed lives. At Redemption Flagstaff we offer 3 forms of counseling:

Biblical Counseling – Our Pastors and Deacons are available to meet. The scope of counsel is limited to the Christian scriptures and length of engagement varies from person to person.

Premarital Counseling – We have a team of couples that are available for premarital counseling in preparation for your upcoming marriage. Our program lasts 8 weeks and the primary goal is not to fix your problems but prepare you for a life-long commitment of service, communication and mission together.

Professional Counseling – There are often needs and situations that go beyond the ability, training and scope of our Redemption Counseling Team. As such, we highly recommend with the Redemption Counseling Center to offer professional, licensed counseling services. All content discussed in session is confidential and not share with Redemption Church staff or pastors. Please go to rccflagstaff.com for more information.

For questions or inquiries please email anthonygee@redemptionaz.com

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