What is Champions in Action?

Champions in Action is an amazing organization that gathers children from red zones from all around Guatemala City. These red zones are some of the most dangerous places for children to grow up in or for anyone to simply live in. They also get faithful followers of Jesus from each respective red zone to work with and mentor the children. Both the children and the mentors commit to a whole year of living life together, both in mentorship and in an amazing soccer camp. Champions uses soccer as a vessel to bring the Gospel to kids in desperate need of love and in need of Jesus.

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What does the week look like?

Our week in Guatemala is fast, but is packed with joy and happiness in the midst of these girls. Each day we participate in running a soccer camp for all of the girls. This involves things like helping run drills, cheering on the girls as they play, and even simply running water back and forth to all of the girls to avoid dehydration. Beyond the soccer camp, we also get to spend quality time with this girls. This involves eating every meal with them, enjoying free time with them, and worshipping God with them. The days may be long, but each and every minute spent among these girls is worth seeing them smile and seeing them experience God’s unconditional love.

Why do we go?

We have several purposes we seek to fulfill while in Guatemala with Champions in Action. Our primary goal is to help each and every girl at camp grow more and more attached to their mentors. While we are only with these girls for a week, their mentors remain active in their lives for an entire year. We seek for these girls to gravitate towards their mentors rather than gravitate to us. We also seek to show these girls the love and grace of God. We do this through our actions like eating with them, exercising with them, playing with them, laughing with them, and worshipping with them. We also do this through our words in simply sharing how great and loving our God is.

Interested in going?

If you’re interested in going or even just learning more about the trip, email Kailey Jensen at kaileyjensen@redemptionaz.com.