If you haven’t heard yet,

If you missed the announcement you can listen to it by clicking  here  and/or read on! 


We planted Redemption Flagstaff in late 2012 in a living room of some dear friends. Quickly, we moved to the worship center at the Seventh Day Adventist building on S. Beaver St and have loved every minute of our last three years at the Orpheum. We have always strived to see God glorified and His kingdom expanded through our ministry. God’s faithfulness and goodness has always been apparent and this new opportunity is the next chapter of the Lord’s care and provision for us.

February 12th is the first step in the next season God has given us to fulfill our mission, to Disciple the Church to Reach the Unchurched in Flagstaff, Arizona! The Hurley Theater at Flagstaff High School will be our new home on Sundays and the staff, the elders and I are extremely excited, here’s why:

  • MISSION – We planted a church here in Flagstaff to see a city transformed by the Gospel. This move allows us to reach all of Flagstaff better by giving us more space, consistency, opportunity and a wider scope for a diverse city.
  • KIDS – Redemption Kids is not a secondary ministry nor a glorified daycare but an intentional investment in our children and families to see them become faith-filled, Gospel-centered, outward-focused followers of Christ. This move will expand our space tenfold giving us more rooms, more resources, better signage, better aesthetics and a significantly more visible and accessible check-in area.
  • STEWARDSHIP – We value the resources God has provided for us. This move frees up finances to reinvest in our mission to disciple our church and our city, support our staff, pursue sustainability and increase our capacity for engagement in the city
  • PARKING – We have never had adequate parking at any of our previous locations. Flagstaff High School has an abundance. Finding a spot will be easy and close; a tremendous gift for all our families with little ones, the elderly and the disabled.
  • EXCELLENCE – Harder to quantify but we believe we will get better at FHS at all levels of our ministry. From the aesthetics to our hospitality to our signage this move is a gift.
  • ACCESS – Downtown parking and driving can be tricky, especially for those who are new or visiting. We recognize that some of our students walk to service. This is still possible, just a bit longer. If you need a ride please join our RideShare group on Facebook.

For all who call Redemption Flagstaff home, thank you. We love you. We’re extremely thankful to God and excited for the work before us all.