All of Life Interview: Christina Hurley-Davison

October 31, 2017  |  Erik Preuss

Name Christina Hurley-Davison
What is your vocation?
Judicial Assistant
How would you describe your work?
I manage the office for the United States Magistrate Judge in Flagstaff, Arizona. Basically that means I handle everything that comes through the office such as criminal complaints, probation violations, motions etc. I communicate with all other federal agencies and and attorney’s. I manage the judge’s civil calendar and paperwork.
As an image-bearer of God, how does your work reflect some aspect of God’s work?
Some defendant’s have remorse for their actions. Many in adjoining office have faith and understand my faith. There is forgiveness given by victims of the crimes committed against them.
How does your work give you a unique vantage point into the brokenness of the world?
I have to deal with the defendant’s that commit all kinds of different offense (sins). I listen to the way people deal with such thing in an ungodly manner. Many take no responsibility for their actions. Any many of those actions are against others.
Jesus commands us to “love our neighbors as ourselves.” How does your work function as an opportunity to love and serve others?
When speaking with individuals I am able to be compassionate and try not to be judgmental. I am able to assist them with kindness and and courtesy.