9.6.15 Redemption Kids

September 6, 2015  |  Patrick Hill

This week we read a parable, or a story that teaches us something, that Jesus told to the pharisees. Jesus describes how a man who owned a vineyard (God) sent many servants (messengers and prophets) to get the crop from the vineyard but the people who worked there (the religious leaders) beat the owners servants, even his most beloved son (Jesus). The parable teaches us that we need to accept Jesus, God’s Son, if we want to love and serve God.

Our memory verse this week is:

He had still one other, a beloved son. Finally he sent him to them, will respect my son.’ Mark 12:6

Our craft this week was:

Decorate a “Son” catcher to remind the kids to love and accept Jesus.

Our family activity this week is:

Find a special place for the “Son” catcher in a window. Talk about how the “Son” catcher accepts the sun’s rays and they shine through it, just like how we accept Jesus and let his light shine through us.