11.16.15 Sunday Recap

January 15, 2016  |  Vince Garvey

Welcome to our Sunday Recap. If you missed our service this Sunday or are just looking for another expression of our corporate worship, scroll through this post and click the links for each element. Participate freely and worship a worthy God.


This Sunday, Lindsey Chance gave the Call to Worship saying, “As we come into this time of corporate worship, I am reminded of Psalm 100:2 which says, ‘Worship the Lord with gladness, come before him with joyful noise.’ This morning, coming off the heels of a tragic week in our world, where there’s terrorism and natural disasters, this scripture can seem confusing. Where is the joy? So let me challenge you this morning to ask God that very question. Let us quiet our minds and open our hearts and let God reveal what true joy is in the midst of tragedy and crisis. So stand with me this morning and let’s worship the living God with gladness.”


Here Is Love


All I Need Is You


Amazing Grace


Greeting time and announcements. See this week’s announcements on The City.

Each week we pray for a local congregation, this week we prayed for PEAK School. PEAK is a charter school in Sunnyside that we be apart of our advent offering. We will give to their soccer after school program and other needs within the school. More info will be up soon on advent giving.


Ricardo Stewart – Mark 15:16-39 – The Crucifixion of Jesus



Each week we respond to the truth of God’s word in four ways.


On the night that Jesus was arrested he broke bread and drank wine with his disciples symbolizing the body that was broken and the blood that was poured out on the cross. Take the time to remember that Jesus died for the sins of those who would trust in him.


After hearing such heavy text about the crucifixion of Christ may we sing to him praying that he would be our vision and guide us.

Be Thou My Vision

Let us submit to Jesus knowing that he paid the price so that we may live, by crying out to Christ that we deeply need him.

Lord, I Need You

Freedom Is Here


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May we, having been blessed by God and called his people, go and be a blessing to the city of Flagstaff, living as first fruits of the Kingdom of God for God’s glory and our joy.